querer inspirar

If we want to inspire a young writer to be a poet, we do not start with a grammar book. Instead, inspiration and love literature come from reading complex works of art like Hamlet or Catcher in the Rye. Promoting a similar idea, Einstein wrote “the misterious… is the source of true art and science” (Ulam 1976, p. 289). To be more specific, one way to develope urgency and curiosity in mathematics students is to encourage them to wrestle with complex mathematical objects, ones whose dep and misterious realationschips are waiting to be found

“Circumscribable Quadrilaterals: A Journey in Honors Geometry. Charles Worrall. Mathematics Teacher (NCTM) October 2004, Volume 98, Issue 3, Page 192”. Tinha gostado muito da introdução a este artigo, aqui transcrita, que começava assim de uma forma inspiradora.